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http://www.weberg.se/portfolio/2011/03/15/expose-yourself-2011/ thumbnail image

Expose Yourself [2011]

Expose Yourself [2011] 2011/02/28 Duration 07:00 min. Video and Sound Anders Weberg 18 people from 11 different countries answered an open call where they where asked to interpret “Expose Yourself” in front of ...

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http://www.weberg.se/portfolio/2010/06/22/mirrormirror-2009/ thumbnail image

Mirror/Mirror [2009]

MIRROR MIRROR by Anders Weberg Collaboration Anders Weberg, Sweden and Alison Williams, South Africa. Duration: 2.30 minutes July 2009 16:9 A mirror is an object with at least one polished and therefore reflective surface. The most familiar type of ...

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