Alice Boman – Be Mine – Video by Anders Weberg [2015]

Alice Boman – Be Mine – Video by Anders Weberg from Anders Weberg on Vimeo.

Video for Swedish artist Alice Boman filmed at my farm with our animals.

Adrian Recordings.

I’ve been working with film for almost 20 years now and used to do a lot of music videos in the past but at one point I just got tired of the business and focused fully on the video art scene where I always felt more comfortable. But then from time to time something special appears like for now when I heard this song from Alice. Fragile, untouched, gloomy, the sparseness. It touched me deeply and the concept was just to try to visualize this feelings and do the song and her as much justice as I possibly could. We spent a lovely day at the farm talking more than filming and by using the cellphone as the recording device and just collection glimpses of light I was able to get as close as I could.



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