Pitsin [2009]

PITSIN by Anders Weberg

Video and Sound
Anders Weberg

Duration: 3 min
January 2009

Made for the Vitruvian Woman project initiated and managed by Michael Chang.

Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketch, The Vitruvian Man, video artists from around the globe are coming together to create a single multimedia sculpture called the The Vitruvian Woman. The body of the sculpture consists of nine monitors and nine DVD players, representing nine regions of the Vitruvian Woman: her head, heart, stomach, sex organ, right arm, left arm, left leg, right leg and feet. Each monitor shows a sequence of five individual video artworks (each three minutes in duration) that embody one of these regions. This results in a high tech, sculptural portrait of the Vitruvian Woman that adds up to fifteen minutes of international video art running simultaneously on nine monitors.

Significantly, twenty-two artists situated in nine countries across the world are working together to create this video sculpture. In doing so, they are also forging a new kind of collective consciousness, a sharing and shaping of ideas through both sound and vision. As pioneers in new communication technology, these artists are often called upon to use a second language to communicate with each other and to overcome the diversity of different cultures. Their attempts to work cooperatively have strengthened their respect for each other as artists, as global citizens, and as representatives for a new way of connecting peoples from all corners of our planet.

The Vitruvian Woman Project is an off spring of the Exquisite Corpse Video Project.

World Wide Debut Screening at Formverk Art Space in Sweden, 14 March 2009.


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