60.01.60 with music by Håkan Lidbo.

60.01.60 by Anders Weberg

Film by Anders Weberg
Music by Håkan Lidbo

Duration: 60 minutes

(Excerpt with the first 10 minutes. The film is 60 minutes.) Available as cd/dvd here.

60.01.60 — the techno equivalent to Wagners “Ring of the Niebelungen”… sort of.

60.01.60 is about time and how we chose to perceive it. All art forms that is represented in this projects are relating to time, playing with intervals, exploring how the beholder is effected by the feeling and the drama that comes to life when the artist really knows his or her profession. We explore the relation between long and short sequences of time, the building stones that we work with in our respective art forms, in order to see what happens when we invert the concepts of time. We change the perspective, we zoom in the shortest intervals and blow them up to eternities and make long periods of time implode in to a blink of an eye. 60.01.60 gives shape to the shapeless, this thing that is always present but vanishes as soon as we’re trying to capture it. But the project is not only about arts relation to the concept of time but also about us as humans, how we are obsessed with age, the time that has passed, the time we have left, without hardly ever focusing on the present, how we can create so much more time for ourselves by being aware of the present.

The music is a jigsaw puzzle that can be put together in two different ways. It’s built by 60 pieces of music, exactly one one minute each. The music is devided into ten different themes, changing every minute. The ten themes changes tempo signature from ¼ in the first theme, 2/4, ¾ and so forth, the 10th theme changes tempo signature every bar. On another level there are 6 themes changing character or color every minute. So when the music is put together as 10 songs of 6 minutes each, all the songs change character the same way every minute. Rhytmic and textures are also coming back in different configurations through the music, connecting everyting into one composition, one song of 60 minutes. Our numeric system, that has 10 as base, is merged with the Babylonian numeric system with 60 as base, the one we use in our clocks.

Project url: http://www.600160.com

Film: Anders Weberg
Music: Håkan Lidbo
Choreography: Åsa Unander-Scharin
Dancers: Annika Hyvärinen, Johanna Klint, Charotta Ruth,
Åsa Unander-Scharin, Moa Westerlund.
Costume design: Nakkna

60.01.60 was originally a performance in the winter of 2006 at “Kulturhuset” in Stockholm. It was a collaboration with the choreographer Åsa Unander-Scharin, the film maker Anders Weberg, the graphic designer Paul Farrington, the dancers Annika Hyvärinen, Johanna Klint, Charlotta Ruth, Moa Westerlund and Åsa Unander-Scharin. And the costumes was made by the design group Nakkna with their very special visual identity. The performance was 60 acts of one minute each where the dances moved over a coordinate system on the floor following the mathematic of the music. Anders Weberg’s films and Paul Farringtons’ minimal graphics was displayed on big screens. 600160.com is also an interactive website where the very typography of the word “600160″ becomes a musical instrument. So 600160 is much more than a CD with weird music, it’s a lot of art forms expressing the same ideas.


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